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Incredibly Easy To Use Bar TV Control System

You Can Control Your Bar Tv's Easily With A Remote Control System From

How many times have you realized at 1:00pm, 2 hours after you opened,

that your Tv’s are still on CBS/NBC/NESN from last nights game?


Your customers may be watching soap operas or info commercials because it’s too difficult or it’s too busy for your bartenders and staff to change the channels!   Even worse,  your staff is walking around your restaurant pointing the remote at the TVs and trying to change the channels instead of helping customers with their food and beverage.


No More!!   With a control system from Curry Audio Video, it’s incredibly easy to control all of your TVs from 1 remote!   Not only that, we can set the system to reset all of your Cable boxes every morning when you open to the designated channels you choose like ESPN or NFL Network, all around your bar,  automatically!


When it’s time to change a channel, it’s easy!   Just press “Watch” then select the TV # you want to change from the remote and your good to go!   No pointing at that TV or holding the remote sideways to get the right angle.  You can be across the store and your remote will control any TV in the bar you choose!   It’s that easy!



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