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A properly designed home theater will deliver all the potential of a great movie or exceptional piece of music—quality you're missing if you're just watching TV. You'll be able to experience movies at home the way the filmmaker intended, with film-quality images and cinema-quality sound.


Forget dim screens, muddy audio and high ticket prices. With modern HD and Ultra HD projectors, truly life-size screens are possible at home. Theater speakers and subwoofers produce incredibly realistic, room-filling audio.  Enjoy cinema chairs so comfortable, you'll gladly sit in them for hours. Best of all: the only cell phone that can ring is yours.

Better than going out to the movies.

A home theater is more than just a big TV and surround speakers. If you have a sink, stove and a refrigerator, you doesn't mean you have a kitchen. Likewise, an Audio/Video system must be much more than the sum of its components. A great home theater is about escape. Movies are intended to cause the audience to become totally immersed, to become lost in the story or action. The home theater is the vehicle that will get you to that point.

Major Home Brands We Carry:

Denon           Sharp

Marantz         D-Box

Boston Acoustics

Klipsch          Monster Cable

Bose              Control 4

Samsung       Heos

Panasonic      Apple

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