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You sit by the pool, enjoying a movie streaming to your tablet. Inside, your kids enjoy an online multi-player game. In the den, your spouse downloads music for a dinner party. Later, you have a video conference for work, but you’re not going to think about that right now. You turn back to your movie which is ready because your internet is always available, your access simple, the connection seamless. Encrypted WiFi keeps your personal data safe. High-speed wired connections let you transfer data between computers instantly. Smart WiFi systems let you roam everywhere in your house and yard, without losing your connection. Most importantly, you never have to think about it, it just works.

Safe, stable access to the online world

Today’s smart home may have dozens of devices, requiring access to the web and each other. The simple, free networks provided by Internet Service Providers don’t offer the security, stability, or robust data handling of a custom-designed commercial-grade home network. Have a large home or yard? High-end wireless systems offer full-property coverage. Allow guests access to the Internet, but not access to your personal data network. Today’s network means an enterprise grade system as the backbone of your home.


Built with corporate IT levels of security, your data is as secure as possible from hackers.



Never worry, or think about your network again. It works like you’d expect, on every Internet-connected device, from anywhere in your home or yard.



Want to add more smart TVs, tablets, and computers to your system? Want to add a home office in a guest house? We can easily expand your network.



Instead of cheap products built by the lowest bidder, high-end network products are designed for longevity and maximum reliability.


Speak with a Curry Audio Video expert on how we can help you create your home network.

Major Home Brands We Carry:

Denon           Sharp

Marantz         D-Box

Boston Acoustics

Klipsch          Monster Cable

Bose              Control 4

Samsung       Heos

Panasonic      Apple

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