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Multi-Room Audio

Once you experience the pleasure of listening to music seamlessly throughout your home, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Whole house audio is a feature that has become extremely popular because of its convenience and affordability. In an existing home or a new construction, Curry Audio Video can design a system that enables each family member to listen to their favorite music in any or every room of your home. With whole house audio you can choose between multiple sources (AM, FM, XM, CD, MP3, iPod, Rhapsody, Pandora, internet radio, etc.) to play Billy Joel in the living room, reggae by the pool, children’s music in the playroom, and Italian music in the kitchen.

share multiple audio sources to multiple rooms


interdependently control volume for each “zone”


control your multi-room audio with your mobile device


centralize all equipment to eliminate clutter


enjoy music again!

Fill every room with music. Plug in, connect to your wireless network and play. Easy.


Multi-Room Audio Video

How about instant access to every movie you own, with the ability to play it back on

any TV, in any room, without ever touching a disc?  Whole home audio

and video is more than just speakers and TVs throughout the house; it’s

about seamless and simple access to your entire digital library. It’s about

listening to or watching what you want, when you want, where you want,

with ease.


A connected media player can stream movies, TV shows, music, internet radio, and more to multiple TV's throughout the home.

Centralized component location provides access from any room in your home, plus makes upgrading easier

Intuitive interfaces means the kids, grandparents and even the babysitters can find what they’re looking for, easily and without frustration.

Major Home Brands We Carry:

Denon           Sharp

Marantz         D-Box

Boston Acoustics

Klipsch          Monster Cable

Bose              Control 4

Samsung       Heos

Panasonic      Apple

Toshiba          Yamaha

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